When you're beachcombing, be sure to bring home a few pieces of driftwood for these simple coastal-inspired ornaments!

•Supply List•

Small pieces driftwood of equal lengths

White felt


Glue Gun

Hole Puncher

Baker's Twine

Select two pieces of driftwood, with one being twice the thickness of the other. Use a glue gun to secure the thinner one to the thicker, creating the post for the sail to attach to. Once dry, lay the wood down onto the white felt and with a pencil draw a triangle for the sail, using the post to create the correct shape. Make the length be from the top of the vertical piece to the top of the horizontal piece.Note: Because your wood likely won't have a perfect 90* angle, it's best to trace it instead of cutting out a perfect triangle so that the sail will align with the shape of the wood.

Use the hole punch to make holes in all three corners of the felt. Cut out 3 pieces of bakers twine anywhere from 6-10", depending on how many times you want to wrap it around the wood when securing the felt.

Tie the three corners of the felt sail to the wood by first using a dot of glue to secure the twine to the wood, wrapping the twine around the wood and through the sail and then securing the other end to the wood with another dot of glue. Trim off any loose ends of twine.

Loop a 10" piece of baker's twine through the whole at the top of the sail and tie the ends into a knot. You now have a completed coastal sailboat for your Christmas tree!