7 Cannon Beach Activities for Your Fall Get-Away

When the weather turns grey and maybe even stormy along the Oregon Coast, it just might be the perfect time for a mini vacation spent in one of the best-known Oregon coast towns! Cannon Beach continues to be a magical place to visit after the summer crowds have gone, the weather has changed and we are all ready to plan a weekend get-away.

Here are our top seven fall-time activities:

1. Experience the Renowned Art Scene

Cannon Beach has been named one of America’s Top 100 Art Towns, and what could be more relaxing than leisurely meandering along the quaint sidewalks of Cannon Beach, ducking in to enjoy the variety of paintings, photography, sculptures, and jewelry found in the many galleries? If you are lucky, you might meet some of the artists themselves and get to hear the stories behind their work. Or consider coming for the Stormy Arts Festival, when you will be sure to meet many of these artists and to see them in action as they demonstrate in the galleries and unveil some of their newest pieces.

2. Walk the Beach… Yes, Even if it’s a Bit Stormy!

While it might seem a bit adventurous at first, a walk on the Oregon coast during a grey, windy afternoon can be quite an incredible experience! Bundle up in a scarf and coat, slip into your rain boots, and go out for just a little while. Stop to enjoy the sand swirling all around you, to listen to the waves crashing onto the shore, and to enjoy the view of Haystack Rock with the handful of others who are also outside to enjoy the views without the crowds.

3. Coffee, Coffee... and More Coffee

What better way to stay warm and cozy than with a hand-crafted cup of coffee and the quiet murmur of a coffee shop? While Cannon Beach may be a small town, it boasts a handful of fine coffee shops. Plan your mornings and afternoons around an espresso drink in order to try them all, and take home a bag of Sleepy Monk coffee which is roasted right in Cannon Beach.

4. Treasure Hunting

When the summer vacationers have left and the higher winds and waves have come, is the perfect time to search for washed-up treasures. Floats of various sizes, shapes and colors will come to shore. If you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you may even happen upon a round, glass Japanese float!

5. Whale Watching… Without Getting on a Boat

Not every Oregon Coast treasure is found washed up onto the shore. Whether you are walking the beach or are taking in the ocean views from your vacation rental home, be sure to keep an eye on the horizon. Grey whales can be spotted spouting in the distance year-round, while humpbacks and other species can be spotted more randomly. **At the time of the writing of this article, humpback whales were spotted very close to Haystack Rock.**

6. Enjoy a Great Meal…. Or Just Dessert

When the weather turns grey, we all crave warm food and time spent around a table with those we love. Cannon Beach offers a variety of wonderful restaurants that will suit anyone’s tastes. And it’s not only seafood that you will find, but an unbelievable variety that includes cajun food, Irish dishes, pub food, creative pastas, and mouth-watering BBQ. If you rented a VRBO because you wanted to cook your own meals, consider going out for dessert and coffee! Berry cobbler, ganache-filled chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake with champagne-cream-cheese-whipped cream are a few of the town’s scrumptious offerings.

7. Take the Time to Just… Be

While you may find that you wake up on a morning when the wind is howling and the rain is torrential, take the opportunity to just “be”. Chances are the weather will be different tomorrow, and how many of us long for a day when we can sit in front of the fireplace reading a new book for hours on end or simply grab a blanket and nap the afternoon away with no need for an alarm clock? Consider this the perfect opportunity for a day of rest and relaxation, with the soothing sound of rain on the roof and the knowledge that you are warm and cozy with no pressure to be somewhere else. You will leave feeling relaxed and refreshed!